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In This Webinar You'll See:

  • 3 Warning Signs That Your Marriage Is Sick and Needs Help - Right Now
  • 10 Most Common Personality Conflicts That Destroy The Health Of Your Marriage  -  and how to spot them in your marriage 
  • A Scientifically Proven Way To Quickly Diagnose Your Ailing Marriage - and get a prescription (specific to your marriage) for a better way to relate that heals and restores your love.
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What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar

Hear How After 24 Years Of Nights On The Couch  "He Finally Gets Me"

Once a week for 24 years she fled to her bedroom in distress over the same issue and her husband's failure to get her - never wanting to fight...being worn down. You'll hear how her husband's aha moment healed their marriage in one month.

Get The 1 Key Insight You Can Use Now To Solve "Unresolvable Differences"

Scientific research pinpointed 23 relationship needs which must be met to maintain love & respect in your marriage.  In this webinar, you'll see how to find out your needs - and your spouse's - and how to use this as a better way to relate to heal your marriage.

See How Marriage Cure Healed A 30-Year Marriage Conflict...In 2 Hours 

Hear the story about the marriage counselor and his wife (married for thirty years) who fought, despite 20 years of marriage counseling -- but stopped after a single two-hour session revealed  their hidden needs and triggers.
Meet Your Host
Chris Shaver
Chris Shaver is a motivational psychology expert, a behavioral-education consultant, a Certified Birkman Consultant, and the founder of The Marriage Cure program. 

The Marriage Cure Program uses The Birkman Method, a breakthrough motivational personality assessment based on empirical research  with proven reliability and validity. 

The Birkman Method has been in active use helping people relate peacefully and productively in close relationships for over:
  >  71+ Years
  > 50 Million Reports
  > 73 Countries
  > 23 Languages 

The Birkman Method identifies the "behaviors you need" to stay at your best in close personal relationships  and empowers the use of The Marraige Cure's world-class Negotiating Like  A.D.U.L.T.S conflict prevention and resolution method - which gives couples "a better way to relate."

Chris Shaver is the author of the soon to be published book: Marriage Cure -- A Proven Way To Restore Your Love. He also offers The Marriage CARE Program to couples who want to proactively conflict-proof their relationships. This can be tailored to couples or groups for churches or  organizations that want to support and strengthen couples' relationships.
A Review of Chris Shaver's soon-to-be-published book:

"I absolutely agree with Chris that doing the same old thing over again, whether you are a married couple or a couple’s therapist, is a waste of time and money.

I wish “The Marriage Cure” was around when I was married. I too, spent too much time and money on therapy that didn’t work and was at times detrimental to the marriage. I thoroughly believe in identifying the problem, developing the resolution, and putting it into practice. It should not take years and ridiculous amounts of money.

A logical and unbiased manner of assessing the problem as quickly as possible can only be an advantage given the volatile nature of couple problems. A therapist can often make the mistake of siding with one spouse over the other.

Here, Chris works with the couple objectively and doesn’t hold back on the solution. Sometimes it takes someone not entrenched in the family systems models to develop the perfect solution. If your marriage is suffering...give him a call as soon as you can."

- Lynn Steinberg, Ph.D.
Licensed Marital and Family Therapist and the author of  the recently published book: You're Not Crazy: Overcoming Parent/Child Alienation
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