The Marriage Cure Webinar
The Proven Way To Restore Your Love
How to find the missing piece to your marriage (the secret all happy couples know)
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What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar

Discover The REAL Reason You Can't Get Along
(It's not what you think)

You'll hear the story of a couple  whose screaming fights were destroying their family -- and how the Marriage Cure Program rescued their marriage.

See The Hidden Rules That Determine Your Marriage Success...or Failure

Hear about the wife who locked herself in her bedroom in anger once a week for 24 years -- and how Marriage Cure restored love and stopped the fights in just 30 days.

View The Proven Way To Find Your "Missing Piece" & Heal Your Marriage Fast

You'll hear about a marriage counselor and his wife who continued to fight despite 20 years of marriage counseling...who found their missing piece in two hours.
Meet Your Host
Chris Shaver
Chris Shaver is a professional marriage-education consultant and founder of The Marriage Cure program. For the past 9 years, Marriage Cure clients have reported that the program is "a phenomenally accurate way to find the missing piece and heal our marriage."

The Marriage Cure program is based on a professional-grade assessment which pinpoints the conflicts and compatibilities (strengths) in your marriage. This assessment has been in active use for 71 years through over 50 million reports issued to 73 countries worldwide. 

Chris Shaver is the author of the soon to be published book: Marriage Cure -- A Proven Way To Restore Your Love. He also offers The Marriage CARE Program to churches and other organizations that want to proactively help members stay together and in love.
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